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2011 Registration Numbers Prove Encouraging!

For the first time in almost ten years, ApHC annual registrations did not decline! The ApHC ended 2011 with 3,487 registrations, up one from 2010. “Regular” classified registrations increased by 19 for a total of 2,500 while “Non-Characteristic” classified registrations declined 18 for a total of 987.

  The International Registration Incentive Program (IRIP) showed a moderate increase of 7 registrations as compared with 2010 numbers, for a total of 70 IRIP-registered Appaloosas.

  Completed transfers decreased by only 19, ending the year at a total of 4,290 as compared to 4,309 at the end of 2010. The year ended with a nice lot of pending transfer work that will be completed in the coming weeks.

  ApHC issued 28 fewer Performance Permits in 2011 for a total of 245. Permits issued to Appaloosa x Appaloosa totaled 146 (down 22 from 2010) and those issued to Crossbred Appaloosas totaled 99 (down 6 from 2010).

  The ApHC issued 228 Foundation Pedigree Designation (FPD) registrations ending 2011 up 9 from 2010. Five Appaloosas enrolled in the Generation Advancement Program (GAP) in 2011, unchanged from 2010.

  The ApHC is proud to have registered almost 700,000 Appaloosas in the lifetime of the Club and we salute the thousands of members who are dedicated to supporting the ApHC and the Appaloosa breed.

In addition to preserving your horse’s past and protecting its future, registering your Appaloosa enables you to participate in the wide variety of activities available to registered Appaloosas and their owners. Whether your Appaloosa is solid or colored, registration is an important part of responsible Appaloosa ownership. Join a tradition of excellence and the growing number of proud Appaloosa owners by submitting your registration today.


Blow Out the Candles!

Happy Birthday to your Appaloosa! As of January 1st, it is one year older!

An Appaloosa's age is computed by the calendar year starting January 1st of the year foaled. Regardless of the month foaled, an Appaloosa is a weanling during the calendar year in which it is foaled; and a yearling during the first calendar year following its foaling date, etc. So, Happy January 1st Birthday to your Appaloosa!


Why Not Saddle Log?

The Saddle Log Program is a great way for you to earn awards for the time you spend riding your Appaloosa.  Whether you are an adult or youth, this program recognizes the personal achievement of individuals who enjoy the benefit of horseback riding, whether it be trail riding for pleasure or competitively, team penning, training or showing horses. Each hour counts towards your lifetime achievement record and enable you to receive recognition and awards from the ApHC. Don't let the time spent riding your Appaloosa horse go unrewarded! Enroll in Saddle Log and start earning awards today!



Congratulations to Alfred Quatrevingt for winning the Louisiana State ApHC Top Hand Award at the Fall Cajun Classic Show in Monroe, Louisiana.

Pictured is Alfred Quatrevingt (left) and Ronnie Domingue (right).  The Top Hand Award is given at each show in Louisiana to someone whose helpfulness, friendliness and hard work exemplifies the type of person we are pleased to call a representative of LSAC and the Appaloosa breed.  Ronnie Domingue is the Chair of the Top Hand Selection Committee for the shows and they meet "secretly" at each show to decide on the winner!


The Calizona Appaloosa Horse Club's Parade group appeared in the Tournament of Roses Equifest on December 30, 2011 which is filmed live by RFD-TV.

The CZ group consists of 12 mounted riders dressed in the traditions of the Nez Perce and northern plateau and plains region heritage costume and regalia.

To see more pictures from the Rose Parade, click here.


What's in your wallet?

We've partnered with Capital One to launch the Appaloosa Horse Club Capital One credit card. This card comes with a competitive rate and supports the ApHC, so sharing your passion—is easy and automatic.
Click here to apply today!


AYA Election

The Appaloosa Youth Association (AYA) is pleased to present the 2012 AYA Board of Directors!

AYA board candidates must be between the ages of 14-17, and reside in the territory and zone that he/she wishes to represent. Directors serve a two-year term.

AYA Directors participate in conference calls and gather at the Appaloosa Youth World Show to discuss matters concerning the AYA. Each director is expected to participate in the discussions to bring forth suggestions and ideas from the constituents residing in their territory and zone.

Click here for the official results.


2012 Rule Book now available!

Click here to download the Official 2012 Handbook of the Appaloosa Horse Club, or to request a copy to be mailed to you.