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ApHC Names 2011 Exemplary Regional Club

Congratulations Arizona Appaloosa Association for earning the prestigious designation of 2011 ApHC Exemplary Regional Club.

ApHC will be awarding Arizona Appaloosa Association with a grand total of $700-$200 for winning their territory and $500 for being the overall Exemplary Regional Club of 2011.

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Wisconsin Appaloosa Youth Club awarded 2011 Youth Club of the Year

The Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) and Appaloosa Youth Association (AYA) would like to congratulate the Wisconsin Appaloosa Youth Club for being awarded the 2011 Youth Club of the Year!

Members of the youth club worked together to make a scrapbook providing a detailed account of the 2011 year. The scrapbook offered a creative depiction of the fun that was had by all club members-from the youngest participating in leadline, to the oldest who have worked years to polish their skills in the show ring, each member plays a vital role in the club.

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ApHC forms partnership with the
Certified Horsemanship Association

The Appaloosa Horse Club and the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) have formed an alliance in support of the CHA's mission "to promote excellence in safety and education throughout the horse industry." This mission is accomplished by recognizing and promoting safety standards, certifying instructors and trail guides, and by providing support and educational resources. CHA accredits programs, serves leaders, instructors and riding program directors for youth associations, clubs, riding stables, camps, colleges and recreational programs. CHA also publishes safety standards for group riding programs, accredits riding facilities and provides the most comprehensive variety of program resources for instructional and recreational riding programs.

Through clinics and instructional videos, Appaloosa owners, trainers and exhibitors can access the latest and best information to ensure safe riding, professionalism and quality instruction. CHA members can become eligible for the ApHC's Saddle Log Program, which offers awards for time in the saddle on a registered Appaloosa.

For more information about the Certified Horsemanship Association you can visit
Be sure to check the calendar for a CHA clinic in your area or browse the many helpful video titles. Appaloosa Saddle Log information can be found at




Foal date to 24th month foal date:

Appaloosa x Appaloosa
$150 (member)
$215 (non-member)

Appaloosa x Approved Breed
$250, $150 (member)
$315, $215 (non-member)

After 24th month foal date:
Appaloosa x Appaloosa
$300, $150 (member)
$365, $215 (non-member)

Appaloosa x Approved Breed $500, $200 (member)
$565, $265 (non-member)

The special Performance Permit Sale prices are available for a limited time only—so act NOW!


ApHC REGISTRATION-it's not just a piece of pretty paper.


In addition to preserving your horse's past and protecting its future, registering your Appaloosa enables you, or a future owner, to participate in the wide variety of activities available through local, regional, and national venues. Whether your Appaloosa is solid or colored, registration increases its value, and is an important part of responsible Appaloosa ownership. Join a tradition of excellence and the growing number of proud Appaloosas owners by submitting your registration application today.

ApHC members can register fillies and colts for a registration fee of only $30 as long as the application is postmarked between their foal date and 6th month foal date. After their 6th month foal date to their 12th month foal date the fee increases to $50. After their 12th month foal date to their 24th month foal date the fee increases to $100. For example, if your foal was born March 5th, you have until September 5th of the year foaled to have the registration application postmarked and to register the foal for the $30 member fee.

There has never been a better time to register Appaloosas over two years of age! In an effort to meet the financial needs of our members, aged horses can now be registered for the reduced rate of only $150!

The registration fee for pedigreed geldings is only $50 regardless of age.

Registration of hardship geldings and spayed mares displaying Appaloosa characteristics to be eligible for Regular (#) classification is only $100 regardless of age.



Foundation Pedigree Designation (FPD)

Appaloosa Family
Join the more than 5,000 Appaloosa owners who have discovered the added value of the FPD Program.

Proud Heritage
FPD authenticates generations of your Appaloosa's ApHC-registered ancestry.

Extended Opportunities
Earn ApHC points, lifetime awards, and year-end medallions in FPD halter classes.

Broadened Experience
Open the door to new and exciting Appaloosa markets.

* To be eligible for FPD, the Appaloosa must be ApHC-registered which may be done concurrently with application for registration.

* A minimum of 77% (23) of its ancestors in the preceding four (4) generations must be registered with the ApHC.

* There must be a minimum of three (3) of these ancestors on both sire and dam sides of the pedigree.

* Appaloosas may enter the FPD program at the percentage level in place at the time of foaling.

* Members can verify an Appaloosa's FPD eligibility and find complete rules and details at Hr

Novice eligibility

Attention novice non-pro and novice youth competitors... You can now check online for a listing of classes in which you are eligible to show in the novice division. Keep in mind that these records list ONLY your points and titles earned at ApHC-approved or -sponsored competitions. However, if you've earned points and/or championship titles in any other equine breed association, you MUST declare those points and/or championship wins to the ApHC as these may affect your novice eligibility.

If you've won a National or World championship title with any other breed association (AQHA, APHA, POA, IBHA, PtHA, PHBA, ApHCC etc.), you are expressly denied the right to compete as a novice in ApHC-approved or -sponsored shows in that class. If points earned with any other breed association(s) in total or added together with any ApHC points are in excess of 20 points, you are ineligible to show in the novice division of that particular class. For complete rules, please refer to the novice non-pro and novice youth rules contained in the 2012 Official Handbook of the ApHC.

Contact: Performance Department
(208) 882-5578 ext. 400, Hr

New ApHC Online Services Announced!

Bringing you more ApHC Member Advantages!

It's easier than ever to make sure you don't miss the show offering the classes you want to compete in. Visit, click on Show, then Show Calendar. Search for a show by country, state or date. When you find the show you are interested in click the link that says "Click here to view Class List." The class lists include class number, name and are separated by Open, Youth & Non-Pro classes.

ApHC is offering regional clubs the opportunity to hold 2-judge, 3-point or 3-judge, 4-point shows for the 2012 calendar year. The double pointed judge is noted on the show information published on the online show calendar and in Appaloosa Journal.

Non-Pro's now have expanded information under the "My Points" and the "Search Points by Exhibitor" web pages. Not only will you see the life time and current points you have in each class, but you will also be able to see in which classes you've qualified for the current-year World Show... all on one page.



Exciting changes are in the making for the Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) Yearbook. The ApHC is pleased to announce that the 2011 Yearbook, released in July of 2012, will be featured in full-color in Appaloosa Journal and will no longer be a separate publication. This means members with current subscriptions to Appaloosa Journal will receive the yearbook as part of their subscription!

The July issue of Appaloosa Journal, including the 2011 Yearbook, may be ordered for $15. This cost is the same as past yearbooks, and includes standard shipping charges (additional charges apply for international & expedited shipping). As always, limited quantities are available, so be sure to order while supplies last!

The Appaloosa Horse Club takes pride in the accomplishments of each and every member and is excited to share these outstanding achievements with a larger readership by publishing the yearbook in Appaloosa Journal.

To order the yearbook issue visit, or call (208) 882-5578.


2012 National Championship Endurance Ride

The 2012 ANCER will be held in conjunction with The Oregon 100 about 3 miles west of Brothers, Oregon on Saturday, September 15, 2012.


Qualification deadline: 8/31/2012
Entry Deadline to for inclusion in the ApHC ANCER pamphlet: 8/15/2012


Appaloosa Sponsorship

The Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) would like to thank the many individuals and organizations that support our activities, events and programs-all of which are made possible through our sponsors generous contributions. Sponsors play a vital role in every ApHC event, from the annual Latah County stick horse rodeo to the World Championship Appaloosa Show, sponsors play a part in making the experience a memorable one.

The ApHC takes great pride and care in cultivating mutually beneficial partnerships with companies and individual from a wide variety of industries. Sponsors can take advantage of a multitude of promotion opportunities, including, but not limited to, advertising in Appaloosa Journal, on the official ApHC website or at both the National and World Championship Appaloosa Shows.

Sponsorships are the most effective way to position your company in front of active and dedicated ApHC members. The ApHC recognizes sponsors at any level by offering variety of sponsorship opportunities suit each organization's unique goals. Join the ApHC's family of corporation and individual sponsors today! For more information about ApHC Sponsorship levels and benefits, or to become a sponsor, please contact the ApHC Marketing Department at (208) 882-5578 or via email at


Youth Judging Guide

The ever popular Youth Judging Guide (compiled by ApHC) is now available online in a convenient and free format. The new digital format allows users to view the Youth Judging Guide on their e-readers, tablets and smart phones. The publication can also be downloaded in a pdf format or printed. Click here for more information.


What's in your wallet?

We've partnered with Capital One to launch the Appaloosa Horse Club Capital One credit card. This card comes with a competitive rate and supports the ApHC, so sharing your passion is easy and automatic.
Click here to apply today!


Show season is upon us!

Appaloosa Journal has some great advertising options for your show season advertising. It's never too early to start planning for it!

Option 1: One full page, $780
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Option 4: Rollout advertisement of 4, 6 or 8 pages for $700/page. (Printed on thicker paper.)

And as always, get a group together to buy 5 pages and get the 6th page free! (Does not apply to rollouts.)

Contact Hannah for more information and to reserve your spot now! or (208) 882-5578 ext. 256.


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