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2013 Appaloosa Trail Rides

For the past 45 years the ApHC has offered trail rides that have taken participants into some of the most historical and beautiful areas of America.

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CHIEF JOSEPH: July 21 - 27 2013

Assembly Camp: Cook City, Montana

Ride Reservation: Listed below is information for the 2013 CJTR current as of March 1, 2012. A reservation form is currently available on the ApHC Web site. In order to reserve your position on the ride, please submit a completed application along with the deposit fee of $100 per rider (of which $50 is a non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit).

Camp opens Saturday at Noon, July 20, 2013.
No meals or horse feed are provided until the Sunday evening meal on July 21. Participants must provide certified weed-free feed for their horses until the evening feeding on July 21.

Location of assembly camp and directions to be provided at a later date.

Mosquitoes will be prevalent during the entire ride. Don’t forget insect repellent for yourself and your horse.

Time Zone:
Mountain Time.

Ride Type:
1. Progressive. The camp moves daily. A caravan consisting of crew and private vehicles will be moved from one camp to the next while the riders are on the trail.

1. Upon arrival to assembly camp, check in at the registration station, sign in yourself and your horse and pick up your t-shirt and pin. Additional information, including instructions about caravanning to the termination camp, will be available at this time.

2. Please bring your horse’s negative EIA (Coggins) test (dated within the previous 12 months), health certificate (dated within the previous 30 days) and copy of each horse’s Certificate of Registration for identification. Montana State Brand Inspectors will be present. The State Veterinarian will also be on-site inspecting health paperwork. See Transporting Your Horse into Montana on the ApHC Web site for more information about state requirements. PLEASE ALSO BE AWARE OF NEW HEALTH REQUIREMENTS FOR EACH STATE YOU ARE TRAVELING THROUGH! Note: Be sure your vet uses your horse’s registered name on the health and Coggins papers. Barn names won’t work since we have to match the horse to the Certificate of Registration and to the health and Coggins paperwork to make sure that the correct horse has the necessary health papers. It is recommended that you contact the Montana State Veterinary offices directly with questions you may have relating to the requirement.

Montana State Veterinary phone 406-444-2043

1. There is a $65 surcharge to bring a vehicle in the daily caravan and only a limited number of vehicles will be accepted. Trailer size restriction will be 28 feet overall per manufacturer specification and limited to 50 attendee vehicles total for this year’s ride.

2. Private vehicles must have a separate driver and the driver must be a current ApHC member and pay the non-rider fee.

3. Crew members are not allowed to drive personal vehicles.

4. We encourage folks to form groups to keep the number of vehicles as low as possible.

Parking at the termination camp:
1. There is no additional charge to park your vehicle at the termination camp for the entire week, which many/most do. We have U-Haul trucks available to transport your gear from one camp to the next while you are riding the trail.

2. If you are parking your vehicle at the termination camp for the week, you must be ready to drive out of assembly camp by 10AM, MST, Sunday morning July 21st. We will drive to the termination camp as a group and buses will shuttle us all back to assembly camp. Only one driver per vehicle, please; we have limited room on the buses. (Road mileage between assembly camp and termination camp is typically lengthy so please make certain your vehicle is FULL of fuel.)

1. Please top off your fuel tanks before you arrive at Assembly Camp. This will prevent delays when we move the extra vehicles to Termination Camp on Sunday morning and when moving the daily caravan.

Preventing Weed Spread:
1. We are working with the Forest Service to aid the prevention of weed spread to the pristine areas we will be visiting.

2. All vehicles (including trailers) must be free of dirt, mud (weed seeds). All participants are to thoroughly wash your vehicle’s undercarriage before arriving at the ride. It is suggested you locate a commercial washing station along your way to the ride and get your vehicle clean. Our ride begins in a remote area where washing stations are typically not available. You must address this issue before arriving at assembly camp.

3. Also, please feed your horse certified weed-free feed at least 72 hours before arrival to clean out his system and only travel with certified weed free feed in your trailer. Thank you!

1. Camping is primitive. There will be no electricity or running water. Tenting is strongly recommended to reduce the number of vehicles in camp. Trucks will be provided to transport gear.

2. Potable water, portable toilets and a picket line will be provided.

3. A farrier, veterinarian and a physician will be available. Individuals utilizing the services of these individuals will be responsible for payment at the time services are rendered payable directly to the service provider.

4. Bring your own solar shower bags (2 for each person recommended.) Portable shower tents are recommended for privacy.

5. Bring reusable water bottles. To reduce cost and to help us minimize environmental impact, individually bottled water will not be provided in camp. Please help us with our low impact initiatives and bring your own reusable water bottle to be refilled from the potable water source.

Medical Services:
1. A physician will be on-site. The medical form you provide with your reservation will be given to the ride physician and kept strictly confidential. You are responsible to pay for any services rendered at the time they are performed.

Veterinary Services:
1. Services are provided by Dave Rustebakke, DVM. Dr. Rustebakke will bill for services rendered and these must be paid for at time performed.

Farrier Services:

1. Services are provided by Kirk Knowlton. Mr. Knowlton will bill for services rendered and must be paid at time performed.

1. Our first meal (and the first feed available for horses) will be Sunday evening, July 21st; the last will be breakfast on Saturday, July 27th.

1. Guests are welcome to attend at meals and evening programs. Cost for the meals is $10 for breakfast, $10 for lunch and $15 for dinner. Please pay the Ride Manager before entering the meal line.

2. Sorry, due to insurance requirements we cannot allow visitors to accompany us on “day rides” or stay overnight. If a person wishes to ride or attend longer than one evening, they must pay for an ApHC membership and submit a ride application with the full fee; same for non-riders.

1. See check-in procedures above.

2. All horses must be ApHC-registered Appaloosas and must be 4 years old at the time of the ride. We understand that horse substitutions are sometimes necessary, so if you are bringing a different horse than you originally stated on your application, please let us know at check-in so we can document it.

3. In order for your horse to be eligible to receive lifetime awards for participation on the ride and/or for the horse to earn distance award mileage for the ride, you MUST provide the name and registration number of the horse to ApHC. It is your responsibility to ensure that ApHC has accurately represented your horse’s participation on the ride. Please complete the ride reservation form in it’s entirety to ensure recognition.

Horse Feed & Water:
1. Certified weed-free grass hay will be provided beginning Sun. evening, July 21 and ending Sat. morning, July 27. We will dispense hay at a rate of 18 lbs/day per horse. Bales will be dispensed and it’s the responsibility of the rider to portion hay to their horse at each feeding. There will likely be two hay deliveries from the supplier during the course of the ride. You can feed directly on the ground, but hay bags are best if feeding from your trailer. This will help prevent waste and keep the area cleaner. If you feed on the ground, you are responsible for cleaning up any leftover hay after your horse is finished. You will need to re-tie your bale for transport. If you have one, a bale bag or heavy-duty trash bag will aid in transporting the remainder of your bale from one camp to the next. Please bring certified weed-free hay to feed prior to Sunday evening. Bring a permanent marker to label your tags and hay. You may bring and feed your own weed-free grain or supplements.

a. Are you taking your personal vehicle in the daily caravan? If so, we may need help transporting remaining bales from camp to camp. Any space you can provide would be appreciated. Please let us know if you have any available space.

2. There will be community water troughs set up in camp, and mid-day water stopsfor horses along the trail. Please bring a feed/water bucket for your horse.

a. Because of recent health concerns we encourage you to strictly use buckets to water your horses, and not to allow them to drink from the community water source.

Horse Conditioning:
1. We will ride an average of 20 miles a day. A good rule of thumb for conditioning is that your horse should be ridden at least 10 miles 3 times a week by the time the ride starts (30 miles/week).

2. Please do not bring overweight horses. You should be able to feel the horse’s ribs easily under the skin. If you cannot feel the ribs, the horse is overweight and prone to complications such as heat exhaustion and colic.

3. Please have hoof protection for your horse prior to arrival.

Rental Horses:
1. The ApHC does not provide or rent horses. There may be horses available for rent from private persons. Please call the ApHC office for that information.

2. If you have a horse to rent for the ride – or still need a horse –-contact us at 208-882-5578 ext 221 and we will try to put you in touch with someone, if available.

Check this Web site frequently for updates. They will be posted as they become available.

2013 CJTR Trail Ride Application

LAND of LIBERTY: June 16 - June 22, 2013

This year's Land of Liberty Trail Ride will be held in the Allegheny National Forest at Summer's Allegheny Trail Ride (they have no official website). It is in Forest County near Marienville, PA (about 45 minutes off Interstate 80). The riding here is beautiful; lots of rock formations, historic destinations, wildlife and scenery. There are some rocky areas, so please have your horse shod.

The location is kind of historic -- an old CCC cam p. Camping is primitive -- no electric or water hookups. It has a large open area between some buildings and the rest is shaded. There is a shower house and flush toilets. Sorry, there are no cabins, but there is a motel close by.

The original barracks have been converted to barns so there are stalls available but must be checked carefully because they have wooden floors. Highlining is fine; there is a low-lying area at the back of camp that we may be able to use for portable pens. That area doesjh flood if we have heavy rain. There is a creek running through camp for watering horses. There is limited potable water onsite, so please have your tanks topped off before entering camp.

We will have a decent building to eat in and Stewart Kessler will be catering this year's ride. Maura said his food is awesome

2013 LLTR Trail Ride Application



For more information:
Please contact Roland Haun, rchaun@yahoo.com; 270-862-9357

Ride T-shirts & Apparel:
ApHC will provide ride t-shirts as part of your ride fee. Please mark the size you would like on the application form. To receive your ride t-shirt, the signed ride application and all fees must be received by the application deadline. Ride t-shirts will be given to ride participants when they check in. Trail t-shirts, jackets, visors, hats and a variety of other products are available online at www.tiogaterritory.com

Cancellation Policy: A written notice of cancellation must be received at the ApHC office in order to receive a refund. Refund amounts are graduated based on date the cancellation notice is received. See ride application for details.

Please return applications to:

Trail & Distance Coordinator
2720 W. Pullman Road
Moscow, ID 83843
(208) 882-5578 ext. 264
Fax (208) 882-8150