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ApHC Board approves provisions for variance from show/qualification rules

For exhibitors who experience extraordinary problems qualifying for the World Show or who are otherwise affected by circumstances beyond their control, the ApHC process for requesting a variance is as follows:

Provide an affidavit to the ApHC CEO that includes a description of your efforts to comply with the rules and guidelines; describe the circumstances that made it difficult/impossible for you to comply; identify the specific classes for which you are seeking a variance; include a statement that the information provided is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge; and provide any supporting documentation that might help. The statement should be signed and notarized. We will accept documents via email, fax or regular mail.

Per the revised rule, a two-thirds majority of the ApHC Executive Committee may approve variances and/or other appropriate relief from strict compliance with show rules and regulations.

This rule applies to a broad range of circumstances relating to approved and/or sponsored shows, points, qualification and classes.

The board of directors of the Appaloosa Horse Club passed the following motion to create rule 613, effective immediately.

613. The ApHC CEO, with written approval of at least a two-thirds (2/3rds) majority of the ApHC Executive Committee, may, in their sole and absolute discretion, grant variances and/or other appropriate relief from strict compliance with ApHC approved and/or sponsored show, point, qualification, class, open, non-pro and/or youth rules and regulations only upon clear and convincing proof, supported by sworn affidavit(s) detailing the circumstances necessitating the variance request, that but for, (i) the effect of nature or natural causes that could not have been prevented by the exercise of foresight or caution, or (ii) other extraordinary circumstances beyond the affected person's control and occurring without the affected person's delay, carelessness, irresponsibility, fault or negligence, such strict compliance was reasonably possible and that the affected person took reasonable steps and action to avoid failure and/or delay of such strict compliance and that the affected person timely notified the ApHC of the likelihood and/or actual occurrence which is claimed as the reason for requesting such variance.

Click here for more information.


SEPTEMBER 10—Regional club results and nominations due
SEPTEMBER 25—Pre-entry and stall reservation deadline

Click here for updated show information including entry forms, rules and regulations, and much more.
Click here for more information on lodging specials with our World SHow Preferred Hotels.

World Show forms & Premium Book now online!

The 2011 World Championship Appaloosa Show Premium Book and many other forms and bits of information are now available to you by clicking HERE!
Download a pdf version of the Premium Book by clicking "Premium Book."

World Show advertising—time to hurry!


  • Special #1: One full-page color ad in either November or January—$780

  • Special #2: Three full-page color ads, one in each of October, November and January—$2,000, that's only $667 each!

  • Special #3: Two full-page color ads, in issues of choice (October, November or January) —only $1,400, that's only $700 each!

Please call or e-mail Hannah at (208) 882-5578 ext. 256 or to book your space today!


Get a group together! As always, if you book 5 pages, the 6th one is FREE. Gather your show team together for a page each and get the last one for free. Great way to save some bucks!

Pages for $600 each? What?

That's right! Reserve a four to eight-page rollout for your World ads in October or November, for as low as $600/page.
Add an unforgettable style to your ad that will guarantee impressions! Remember: rollouts force the magazine to open to that page before anything else.


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Show your Appaloosa pride!

Be sure to get your name out at the 2011 World Show! We have an option for everyone—display advertising and classifieds in the World Network, class and buckle sponsorships, and logo placement in the arenas or the website on the live-streaming video page.

Visit for more information.
Contact:, (208) 882-5578 ext. 235

Memorial class sponsorship

Honor a loved Appaloosa or enthusiast with a memorial class sponsorship at the 2011 World Show. The honoree will be recognized in numerous ways, including naming rights to the selected class, acknowledgement in Appaloosa Journal, and a plaque presented to the winner of the selected class.

Contact:, (208) 882-5578 ext. 235.

Lights, camera, action!

See your name on the big screen in the John Justin Arena at the 2011 World Show. Use pictures or video clips to advertise your business, stallion, sale horses, training facilities and wins!

Contact:, (208) 882-5578 ext. 235.

2011 Appaloosa World Live Webcast Commercial Advertising

The new live streaming video webcast from the 64th National Appaloosa Show/2011 World Youth Show had 111,431 views and 74,588 of those were unique viewers! We are pleased to be bringing you the webcast commercial advertising options as an effective way to get your farm, stallions, breeding program and services in front of over 74 thousand people at the 2011 World Show! We have several options available. Our proven track record is documented by our advertisers who continue to participate in the world show webcast. Call today to arrange your 60 second spot!

Contact: Juli at Mustang Productions, (940) 243-5124.

The 2011 World Network

The 2011 World Championship Appaloosa Show's World Network, home for World Show daily news, class results, and show fun, will be all online this year! The Network, proudly sponsored and hosted by Appaloosa Journal, will provide news updates on award winners and other happenings, daily video clips and candid images from around the show, up-to-date class results, and information about the show and Fort Worth area. The Internet Cafe will be available again this year to make it possible for those at the show to view the Network daily.
Be sure to keep a close watch on for the Network starting October 21.


World Appaloosa Sale Consignment Deadline Fast Approaching

The consignment deadline for the World Appaloosa Sale is August 15, 2011. Contact 208-882-5578 ext. 274, e-mail or visit for additional information.

Advertise in the World Appaloosa Sale Catalog

Reserve your space in the sale catalog now! Catalogs are free and will be sent to interested parties prior to the sale. Catalogs will also be available at the World Show and online! Advertising rates are:

  • Cover (color): $500
  • Full-Page (black & white): $400
  • Half-Page (black & white): $300
  • Business card (black 7 white): $100

Contact (208) 882-5578 ext. 235, or e-mail for more information.

Preview the World Sale Horses

Consigners will showcase their horses' talents to potential buyers on October 25, 2011. The sale preview will begin at the conclusion of the day's classes, tentatively scheduled for 6 p.m. in the Watt Arena.

View the consignment form and sale details by clicking here.

Stallion Service Auction

The third annual Stallion Service Auction will take place during the 2011 World Show. Online bidding will be available. Bidding begins Friday, October 21, and ends at noon October 29. If there are any unsold services, the auction will re-open November 1 and continue through January 31, 2011. Visit the website to view the stallion showcase and more information. Contact:, (208) 882-5578 ext. 235.


Fill your stallion's book FAST!

Appaloosa Journal offers reasonably-priced advertising packages to help get your stallion booked for 2011! Don't miss the opportunity to advertise your stallion for LOW prices during the time of year when mare-owners are searching the most for a perfect match for their mares.
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Appy Holidays!

The holidays are fast approaching, whether we like it or not! Now is the time to think about showing off your products for holiday shoppers in the December issue of Appaloosa Journal. We have very low prices for this special section—it's an opportunity you don't want to miss!

Click here for more information on advertising in the Appaloosa Holiday Gift Guide.

Regional club rosters are due!

Regional club updated membership rosters are due September 10th. Please submit via fax, e-mail or snail mail. Contact:, (208) 882-5578 ext. 235.

Expand your membership roster

Help your regional club's membership grow with a free mailing list from the ApHC—a great way to locate Appaloosa owners who might be interested in joining your club. An officer of the regional club must request the list.
Contact:, (208) 882-5578 ext. 235.


It's easy to update your phone number!
With cell phones being so popular, many people are moving away from land lines completely. If you no longer have a land line, or if you prefer to have the ApHC contact you by cell phone when necessary, please contact us to verify that we have your correct phone number on file. An update is easy! Just call us at 208.882.5578 ext. 500 and we'll make sure your phone number is immediately updated!


In these times of financial difficulty, the ApHC wants to do everything we can to alleviate extra expense for our members! With futurity season upon us, it is important that your Appaloosa's paperwork be up-to-date! Is your Appaloosa registered, transferred, advanced, or entered in the Performance Permit program? We don't want you to have to pay a RUSH fee in order to have your registration work completed in time for your futurity!

While turn-around time varies based on a number of variables, the ApHC suggests an allowance of six to eight weeks for registration work completion. Please contact us at least ten days prior to your show date to be certain your work will not require a RUSH payment to be completed in time. Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised to find your processed work in your mailbox earlier than predicted! But, as the saying goes, better safe than sorry. We look forward to receiving your registration work!


It's not too early to file your 2011 Stallion Breeding Report!
If your stallion was used for ApHC breeding purposes in 2011, it's not too early to take advantage of on-time fees for filing stallion breeding reports; $25 plus $5 per mare. Avoid paying late filing charges and have your stallion breeding report postmarked by November 30, 2011. Late reports, postmarked after November 30, will be charged a late filing fee of $30 in addition to on-time filing fees. Stallion breeding reports are available at For additional information about how easy it is to file an annual Stallion Breeding Report, see Registration Q & A in the upcoming October issue of Appaloosa Journal.

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