Appaloosa Horse Club Fact Sheet

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˜ The Appaloosa Horse Club is dedicated to preserving, promoting and enhancing the Appaloosa breed.

˜ The Appaloosa Horse Club is one of the top international equine breed registries.

˜ The State of Idaho adopted the Appaloosa as the state horse in 1975.

˜ The Appaloosa Horse Club is located in Moscow, Idaho in the heart of the Palouse region of the Northwest. The word “Appaloosa” comes from the phrase “a Palouse horse”, referring to the origin of the breed in the Palouse.

˜ More than 670,000 Appaloosas have been registered since the ApHC's founding in 1938.

˜ True to their reputation as an extremely versatile breed, Appaloosas can be found in nearly every discipline—setting speed records on the racetrack, working cattle, performing dressage, jumping, performing western pleasure, endurance riding or serving as reliable family horses.

˜ In 2004, Appaloosas competed in over 800 approved regional shows, more than 40 approved international shows, and 547 Appaloosa races. Appaloosas ran for a total of $2,949,454 in purse monies during 2004.

˜ Appaloosa enthusiasts can become involved at a local level by joining one of the 130 chartered regional clubs. Most clubs offer local shows, pleasure rides and year-end awards.

˜ The ApHC offers extensive youth and non-pro programs. While many activities occur during the Youth World/National Show, other activities are also offered throughout the year, including youth scholarships, year-end awards, certificates of recognition, honors of merit and an art and essay contest.

˜ Appaloosa Journal, the official publication of the ApHC, is a colorful, award-winning, monthly publication dedicated to the promotion and improvement of the Appaloosa horse.

˜ Some Appaloosas do not display characteristics typical of the breed, including the unique and colorful coat patterns. Non-charactertistic Appaoosas are parentage verified through genetic testing before they are raced or shown.

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