Everything You Need To Know About The Appaloosa License Plate

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Are the plates available to people outside of Idaho? 
YES! Appaloosa license plates are available to EVERYONE!

Idaho residents are able to purchase the plates at their local DMV office, in the same way they would purchase any regular or specialty Idaho license plate. Sample plates are also offered-these are the plates that ANYONE (including Idaho residents) can purchase. These plates are identical in size and design to the regular plates; however, they cannot be used for vehicle registration purposes. Sample plates include free personalization and cost only $30.

How can I order an Appaloosa license plate? 
Idaho residents can purchase plates at their local DMV office.

Non-Idaho residents can download a sample plate application here (Download the Sample Plate Application) or at www.accessidaho.org: click "DMV" then “Vehicle Services” then "Special License Plates" and then "Sample Plates."

How does the ApHC benefit from the Appaloosa license plate?
The Appaloosa Horse Club will receive $25.00 for each initial registration, $15.00 for each yearly renewal, and $20.00 for each sample plate sold. The ApHC uses this revenue towards educating youth about horses.

Additionally, the Appaloosa license plate is a wonderful marketing tool. Because the Appaloosa plate is the first US license plate to prominently feature a state horse along with the name of the breed, the plate represents a huge accomplishment for the ApHC.

Is the ApHC involved in the manufacturing or the shipping of the plates?
No. The sales, manufacturing and shipping of the license plates are handled by the Idaho Department of Transportation. We simply market the plate and provide customers with information and applications.

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