Registration : CPO & Performance Permit

Performance Permits for Non-Characteristic Appaloosas

The Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) is currently issuing Performance Permits to ApHC-registered, non-characteristic (N) Appaloosas. Permits allow all non-characteristic Appaloosas, regardless of parentage or age, to show in ApHC-approved and sponsored events as well as race with results counting toward ApHC race awards. Once a permit is issued, it remains in effect for the life of the horse, regardless of ownership changes.

Performance Permits eliminate the Certified Pedigree Option (CPO) program, as well as costly CPO fees and inspections. Appaloosas entered in the CPO program shall remain eligible to show in ApHC-approved or sponsored events as well as earn ApHC race awards for the life of that horse.  

Prior to permits being issued, Appaloosas must be parentage verified through DNA analysis by an ApHC-approved laboratory. The original certificate of registration, current photographs of the horse, and applicable fees (see fee schedule) must be submitted to the ApHC along with a permit application. Upon issuance of a permit, an updated certificate of registration will be returned to the horse owner.  Permit application forms are available through the ApHC and on the official Website under downloadable forms.

Performance Permit Fees:

Foal date to 24th months



Appaloosa x Appaloosa



Appaloosa x Approved Outcross



25 months and older



Appaloosa x Appaloosa




Appaloosa x Approved Outcross



Click Here to download the Performance Permit Application