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A stallion owner's duty

Deciding to stand a horse at stud brings numerous inherent responsibilities to the stallion owner, so why does the Appaloosa Horse Club add to these responsibilities by requiring an annual Stallion Breeding Report to be filed?

Prior to your stallion's resulting foals being eligible for registration, the ApHC requires stallion owners to provide the ApHC with documentation of all breedings. The Stallion Breeding Report is the stallion owner's method of recording and reporting all mares that were exposed to the stallion during the breeding season.

By submitting this report to the ApHC, stallion owners enable the ApHC to monitor the health of our breed, providing statistics regarding likely activity for the coming year. Stallions have a tremendous impact on the breed. One popular stallion can cover numerous mares in a breeding season, but a mare can only have one foal per year. With this potential for domination and a stallion's capability to affect the entire breed within one season, the ApHC feels it's necessary to require stallion owners to record their stallion's breedings with integrity.

A properly completed Stallion Breeding Report also provides the ApHC with adequate documentation of the breeding that ensures that pedigrees are accurately recorded.

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File early

In order to avoid a late fee for filing a Stallion Breeding Report, it must be postmarked on or before November 30 of the breeding year. The ApHC encourages stallion owners to file their reports early.

Reports are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Stallion owners who submit their properly completed reports in a timely manner receive their pre-printed registration applications, complete with breeder's certificates, earlier.

Pre-printed registration applications are sent to stallion owners on a monthly basis throughout the year. These applications contain sire and dam information, as well as dates bred and method of breeding. The applications not only assist the stallion owner with providing consistent breeding information to the mare owner, they also speed up the registration process by significantly reducing errors.

If preferred, stallion owners may submit a handwritten Breeder's Certificate instead of using the ApHC pre-printed Registration Application. This may be beneficial if the stallion owner didn't submit a Stallion Breeding Report in a timely manner and the breeder needs a breeder's certificate prior to the stallion owner receiving the pre-printed registration application.

What mares must be listed?

Stallion owners must report all mares exposed to the stallion, whether or not the mare conceives. Mares owned by the stallion owner must also be recorded on the Stallion Breeding Report. It isn't necessary to report mares registered with the American Paint Horse Association, Pony of Americas Club or other registries that aren't approved by the ApHC, but "grade" mares, or unregistered mares of unknown parentage, should be listed as such on the report.

Appaloosa stallion owners must list names, foal year, breed, registration number, name of mare's dam, recorded owner at the time of service, method of breeding and breeding dates of all registered Appaloosa, Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred and Arabian mares. "Grade" mares should be listed as such on the Stallion Breeding Report.

Owners of Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred and Arabian registered stallions must list names, foal year, breed, registration number, name of mare's dam, recorded owner at the time of service, method of breeding and breeding dates of registered Appaloosa mares.

Breeding dates

Breeding dates are critical, as the dates listed on the Stallion Breeding Report must correspond with the dates on the Breeder's Certificate and the date of foaling. If you breed mares using pasture breedings, you should report the first day bred as the first day the mare was put in the pasture. The last day bred should be the day she was removed.

Transported semen dates should be reported as the day the mare was actually artificially inseminated, not the day the semen was shipped. If semen is shipped and a mare is artificially inseminated more than one time, each date of insemination should be listed on the Stallion Breeding Report. Stallion owners may have to get this information from breeders.

Embryo transfer, hand breeding and artificial insemination should be reported specifically by the first and last days of breeding.

Listing your non-Appaloosa stallion

Owners of stallions registered with an approved breed must also list their stallion with the ApHC. Listing applications are available through the ApHC, free of charge. A photocopy of the front and back of the Certificate of Registration, along with the one-time listing fee of $75 for ApHC members must accompany the listing application. The listing fee only needs to be paid one time even if the ownership of the stallion changes.

Genetic requirements

The ApHC requires all stallions - Appaloosa, Quarter Horse, Jockey Club and Arabian- be DNA tested, and the results filed with the ApHC prior to filing a Stallion Breeding Report.

All ApHC registered stallions must be DNA tested through the ApHC. If stallions registered with approved breed associations have their DNA type on file with the appropriate association, the owner may sign a test result waiver (available through the ApHC) and submit it to the ApHC along with a $30 filing fee. The stallion's genetic information becomes a permanent part of the stallion's file and is only needed one time, even if ownership of the stallion changes.

To obtain a DNA testing kit, please submit the following requirements to the ApHC: Click Here to get the form (this CLICK HERE does not seem to work either)

1. Registered name, number and breed registry of horse needing the kit.
2. If registered with the AQHA, JC, or AHRA send a photocopy of the horse's Certificate of Registration.
3. $60 DNA kit fee.

Click Here for the most Commonly Asked Questions concerning stallion reports

Stallion Report Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I'm running late this year. Can I fax a copy of the Stallion Breeding Report so I don't miss the November 30 deadline?
Answer: The ApHC must receive the original Stallion Breeding Report. Photocopies and/or facsimiles aren't accepted. If the ApHC receives a faxed copy of the Stallion Breeding Report on November 30 of the breeding year, it won't be accepted, and the late fee shall apply when the original report is submitted.

Question: Do I have to record the breedings of my mares? What if a mare doesn't conceive?
Answer: All mares exposed to the stallion, including those owned by the stallion owner, and those that don't conceive must be recorded on the Stallion Breeding Report.

Question: If a mare listed on my Stallion Breeding Report doesn't conceive, aborts, or the foal dies prior to registration; can I get my money back?
Answer: All Stallion Breeding Report filing fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Question: I forgot to report a mare on my Stallion Breeding Report. What should I do?
Answer: Simply complete another Stallion Breeding Report, making certain that all information for the mare is correct. Sign the report and submit it to the ApHC along with a $10 per mare fee for adding the mare to the previously submitted report.

Question: My stallion bred a mare that's in the process of being registered. How do I list her on the report?
Answer: In the column titled "Breed and Registration Number," simply indicate "registration pending."

Question: I bred six mares with my stallion before selling him. Since ownership has changed, does the ApHC still want my signature on the Stallion Breeding Report?
Answer: Since you owned the stallion during the breeding of six mares, you must submit a Stallion Breeding Report, including your signature, to the ApHC so that we may record those breedings. If the new owner also bred mares with the stallion, the ApHC will require a separate report listing mares bred during his ownership.

Question: Can I get a receipt verifying the ApHC received my Stallion Breeding Report?
Answer: Yes! If a receipt is desired, send reports "certified mail - return receipt requested."

Question: My stallion bred the same mares in 2000 as he did in 2001. Can I just file one Stallion Breeding Report and indicate both years on it?
Answer: No. A separate report must be filed for each stallion and for each breeding year.

Question: I filed a Stallion Breeding Report, but I've misplaced the copy for my records. Can I get a photocopy of the report from the ApHC?
Answer: Yes. The ApHC will be happy to send stallion owners a copy of past Stallion Breeding Reports as long as the stallion owner submits a signed request for said report and a $5 per page fee.

Question: What happens to me if my stallion breeds mares, but I neglect to file my Stallion Breeding Report?
Answer: The Executive Secretary may temporarily suspend any member and may temporarily deny the privileges and rights of the ApHC to any member or non-member for failure to file a required annual Stallion Breeding Report with the ApHC, or for failure to file required DNA test results with the ApHC.

How can I speed the process of filing my Stallion Breeding Report?
1. Is the Stallion Breeding Report complete? Is the information accurate? Did you include the breeding year? Review the Stallion Breeding Report before submitting it to the ApHC.
2. Is the signature on the Stallion Breeding Report correct?
If you have another party standing your stallion or transporting his semen, an official ApHC authorization form must be on file with the ApHC prior to acceptance of the signature of said agent. If you're leasing your stallion to a third party, the lease agreement must be on file with the ApHC prior to the ApHC accepting the signature of the lessee on the Stallion Breeding Report. ApHC authorization forms and lease agreements are available, free of charge, through the ApHC.
3. Is your stallion's listing fee paid?
If you're submitting a Stallion Breeding Report for a stallion registered with an approved breed, a one-time listing fee and a photocopy of the stallion's Certificate of Registration must be on file with the ApHC.
4. Does the stallion have a DNA test on file with the ApHC?
All stallions used in the ApHC breeding program must be DNA tested, and the results must be filed with the ApHC. The only exception to this rule is stallions 10 years old or older as of January 1, 1990, and breeding five mares or less need not be DNA tested unless mares are bred by artificial insemination.

If you have any questions about the above information, please contact a customer service representative at (208) 882-5578 ext. 300