Grand & Reserve Champion Stallion

Grand Champion:       309  SWORN TO SECRECY

Sire:   THE SECRET                                        Dam:  STRING OF STORMS

Exhibitor:     SEAN  SCHEMBRI

Owner:     WILBURN  ARCHER       City & State:   NORWOOD ONTARIO CANADA,

Judges and Placings:

      Judge1: Christina  White             309   1st Call

      Judge2: Kevin  Jewell                 309   2nd

      Judge3: Kathryn  Kope                309

      Judge4: Michael  Bednarek          578




Reserve Champion:          124  ALL OPTIONS OPEN

Sire:        ETRADE                                            Dam:   DANCIN ALL NIGHT

Exhibitor:        STEVE  CRUSE

Owners:   DONNA  LANKFORD     City & State:   ARGYLE, TX

                   STEVE  CRUSE                City & State:   PILOT POINT, TX

Judges and Placings:

      Judge1: Christina  White             124   1st Call

      Judge2: Kevin  Jewell                 578   2nd

      Judge3: Kathryn  Kope                124

      Judge4: Michael  Bednarek          578