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How Does The Program Work?

What Are The Advantages?

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How Does The Program Work?

The Appaloosa Breeder's Trust is an investment and incentive program offered by the ApHC for all owners of Appaloosa stallions and their foals. Breeders must be current ApHC members in good standing.
For an annual fee a stallion is enrolled in the program. 
Stallion nomination fees are:

Prior to the breeding season


During the breeding season


Until August 1st of the year after the breeding season.


The get of those stallions become eligible for nomination to the 5-year incentive program. All funds (minus a 5 percent administrative charge) are maintained in a separate account and subsequently distributed back to the horse owners, in direct proportion to ApHC sanctioned points earned by the foals.

What Are The Advantages?

-Direct cash return to foal owners for points earned.
-Increase value of individual stallions and foals.
-Defrays the cost of showing the foal.
-Offers the foal owner an additional value system other than halter and performance
-Provides foal owners a cash incentive to show their foals.
-85% of monies paid out by the Trust will go to foal owners.
-The one-time nomination fee, if done prior to December 31 of its birth year, enrolls
 the foal in the program for all five years. 
-Upgrades the overall value and prestige of the Appaloosa Breed.

Additional Information:
Foal nomination carries a one-time $100 fee if the foal is produced by an Appaloosa mare. If the foal is from a non-Appaloosa mare, the fee is $150. To qualify for these rates, a foal owner must nominate the foal prior to December 31 of its birth year or the appropriate schedule will apply:

-Yearlings: $200
-Two-Year-Olds: $400
-Three-Year-Olds: $800
-Four and Five-Year-Olds: $1,000

Although the earnings from the trust are taxable, according to current IRS rules and regulations, the enrollment or nomination fee is deductible. Appaloosa Journal will publish, from November to April, a Breeder's Trust Directory of nominated stallions. All enrolled stallions will be listed with the owner's address and phone number.

Getting Involved:
Simply select a stallion from the Appaloosa Breeder's Trust Directory to breed to your mare. Then nominate the resulting foal to the program and begin competing for sanctioned ApHC show points.

Earning Points:
Breeders’ Trust payouts are distributed based on the total points earned by the nominated foal at ApHC-approved shows in Open and Non-Pro classes (excluding equitation, showmanship, novice and youth.)

The total points earned by horses nominated to the Appaloosa Breeders’ Trust for a given year will be divided into the total fees available for that particular foal crop to arrive at a dollar amount per point. The dollar amount per point will be multiplied by the points earned to calculate total earnings per foal

How Is The Money In The Trust Distributed?
One hundred percent of all funds received from stallion enrollments and foal nominations is maintained in an interest bearing account. Five percent is retained by the ApHC to help defray the cost of administering the Trust. The remaining 95% is divided into 5 equal parts. The five age categories receiving these funds are Yearlings, Two-Year-Olds, Three-Year-Olds, Four-Year-Olds and Five-Year-Olds. The total amount of funds in each age category is divided by the total number of show points earned by enrolled horses in that age category. This determines the cash value of each point. All funds in each category are then distributed in accordance with the following flow chart: