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Appaloosa Horse Club Judge Seminars

New 2019 Location & Dates ( 2019 Host Hotel has changed! )

International Equine Carded Judges Seminar & Applicant Testing January 27 – February 2 Equine Judging Academy (Open to everyone!) January 25-27

Marriott Southern Hills, Tulsa
Marriott Southern Hills1902 East 71st Street
Tulsa, OK 74136
918-523-3561 or 918-493-7000

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2019 Seminar "Through the Judges Eyes"
2019 Seminar Brochure & Reservation Form

Equine Judging Academy ..............................
January, 25 - 27, 2019
CBC Applicant Evaluations.............................
January, 27 - 30, 2019
Carded Judges’ Seminar .................................
January, 30 - February 3, 2019

International Equine Judges Seminar

Managed by Color Breed Council, Inc.

What The Seminar Offers

The International Equine Judges Seminar provides both currently carded judges and judge applicants the opportunity to meet the accreditation requirements of all the participating associations at one convenient location. A carded judge may attend for as many associations as he/she is qualified, but need pay only one seminar fee. Judge applicants must apply with and pay appropriate fees separately to each association with whom they are applying, as well as meet the individual requirements of each association. Each association has its own requirements to be met before an invitation to the judge applicant school will be issued.

Who Can Attend?

This seminar and school is only open to judges holding cards in any of the host associations, or to individuals who have applied for cards in any of these associations and received invitations from the association with whom they have applied. This seminar and school is not open to spectators or exhibitors. The following are the host associations: Appaloosa Horse Club, American Paint Horse Assn., Pinto Horse Assn. of America, Palomino Horse Breeders of America, International Buckskin Horse Assn., Pony of the Americas Club, American Miniature Horse Assn., National Snaffle Bit Assn., USA Equestrian and North American Saddle Mule Assn. In addition, the National Reining Horse Assn. and National Reined Cow Horse Assn. hosts a judges school and applicant seminar in conjunction with the Color Breed Council seminar.

What Happens At The Seminar?

Carded judges will attend seminars on various horse show events and have the opportunity to keep updated on trends in the industry, scoring procedures, etc. Judges will also have the opportunity to video judge to practice their skills and then hear discussion on why the panel judges placed the classes they way they did. Additional educational sessions may consist of topics such as animal welfare, legal bits, round table discussion on issues that arise at shows, contract negotiations, etc. For carded judges, this seminar serves as an educational opportunity and is not designed for testing judges, but for maximizing the judge's learning experience.

Applicants will video judge, take a written rulebook test for the associations they are applying with, interview with a panel of judges, and live judge. This school is designed to test applicants to determine whether they are qualified to become an approved judge.

ApHC Judge Requirements

All ApHC Judges must attend an ApHC approved judges' seminar once every three years in order to retain active judges' status. No seminar extensions will be granted to judges who fail to plan for their three-year requirement. All judges are required to attend the two day seminar scheduled for carded judges. The roping, cutting and working cow horse seminars are optional. 

Registration Information

All information concerning registration and the complete schedule will be forwarded to all carded judges. If you have any questions or are interested in attending, please contact the
ApHC Judges' Department .