Trail Distance: National Championship Endurance Ride

2018 Appaloosa National
Championship Endurance Ride

The 2018 Appaloosa National Championship Endurance Ride (ANCER) will be held in conjunction with the Arabian Horse Association Distance Nationals in Henryville, IN on October 26, 2018 at the “Spook Run” ride. The ride is located in the Clark State Forest and is an AERC-sanctioned 50-mile ride.

ANCER has been held in locations across the country from Maine to California. The Arabian Horse Association and Appaloosa Horse Club are partnering for the third year to hold a multi-breed National Endurance Championship ride. Registered Appaloosas that are also registered with AHA as ½ Arabian may enter both National Championships.

Ride forms and sponsorship opportunities will be posted closer to the ride date. See below for additional information and qualifying requirements.

Event Forms:

See below for additional information, qualifying requirements


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  • The horse must be registered with the ApHC. If non-characteristic, must be CPO or Performance Permit-enrolled.
  • Horse must be at least five (5) years of age on date of ride.
  • The rider must be a current ApHC member in good standing.
  • The horse must be currently enrolled in the ApHC Distance Program.
  • Both the horse and rider must have completed 100 lifetime distance miles. Mileage does not have to be earned by the same horse/rider team entering. The 100 distance miles can be accumulated from endurance and/or competitive trail rides of 25 miles or longer. However, 50 of those miles must have been earned on a successfully-completed 50-mile endurance ride. Documentation of this mileage will be requested but does not have to be a part of the ApHC Distance Program.
  • Horses and riders must be qualified just prior to the ride (qualification deadline on application)
  • Riders age 16 & under are not required to qualify but must ride with an adult sponsor.

  • The Appaloosa successfully completing the ride in the shortest time will be titled the ApHC National Champion and will receive a championship trophy and a gift certificate. There will not be separate weight divisions.
  • The George Hatley Cup (a perpetual trophy) will be awarded to the horse, judged by the ride veterinarian, to be Best Condition at the end of the race. Only the first 10 Appaloosas will be considered for the best condition award and they must successfully complete the ride within 2 hours from the time the first Appaloosa crosses the finish line. Any horse that comes in after the two-hour time limit will not be considered for the Best Condition award. The George Hatley Cup is a perpetual trophy that the award winner will keep for a one-year period. The name of the horse earning the award will be added to the trophy. A Montana Silverssmiths buckle is also awarded.
  • Ribbons are awarded to the top ten finishers.
  • Additional awards will be added at a later date.

  • Rider must be a current ApHC member in good standing.
  • Horse is ApHC-Registered. If non-characteristic, must be CPO or Performance Permit-enrolled
  • Horse enrolled in ApHC Distance Program (see Distance Program web page for application and one-time fee)
  • Equine Health certificate and Negative Coggins are required as per individual AERC ride Management Requirements and Existing State Regulations.
  • Qualification miles (except for riders age 16 and under):

  • -100 miles total for horse
    Must be in 25-mile rides or longer.
    50 of these must be on a 50-mile endurance ride.

    -100 miles total for rider
    Must be in 25-mile rides or longer.
    50 of these must be on a 50-mile endurance ride.

  • Qualification Deadline: See Entry Form
  • Adult sponsor for riders age 16 and under to accompany them on the ride
  • Entry form and fees submitted to Arabian Horse Association


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