Appaloosa Horse Club

2021 COVID Restrictions

The ApHC Board of Directors continues to monitor COVID conditions and their impact on Appaloosa Horse Club approved events. For ApHC shows in the coming months, the following changes adopted in 2020 will continue into 2021. The ApHC Board will continue to review these protocols throughout the year and will update when possible.

· In western showmanship and English showmanship, judges and exhibitors must remain at least 6 feet apart to maintain social distancing guidelines. Therefore, exhibitors should be instructed to stop at least 6′ from the Judge when setting up for and during inspection. Exhibitors shall not be penalized for stopping this distance from the Judge. Judges should be careful to maintain social distancing requirements when inspecting showmanship horses.

· Show management should eliminate any obstacle in trail or ranch trail classes that will be touched by all exhibitors (example: gate, drag, mailbox, slicker, etc.). Judges should review patterns in advance of the show to ensure compliance with this requirement.

· Rule 724.H requires that one mandatory obstacle be selected from each of four categories. This requirement is waived for category 2. Course designers shall not be required to select an obstacle from category 2. Courses are still required to have a minimum of 6 (six) and a maximum of 12 (twelve) obstacles.

· The rope race shall not be approved to be held at any regional shows in 2021 until and unless the Board determines that COVID conditions improve to the point where exhibitors can safely compete. Should this decision be reversed later in 2021 and should the ApHC Board decide to hold this class at the 2021 World Show, qualification in the class will not be required.

· Any show holding steer daubing will be required to wipe down the lance in between each go.