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Appaloosa Horse Club Non-Pro Program

Interested in becoming a Non-Pro and competing against other Appaloosa owners at your experience level? If you haven’t joined the ranks of professionals or trainers, then consider becoming a Non-Pro and compete in classes custom tailored to your ability with other Non-Pro’s who share common interests and partnerships with their Appaloosa horses. For only $20.00 added to your ApHC membership, this could be an investment you can’t pass up!

Divisions of the Non-Pro Program: The ApHC Non-Pro program has a division just right for you! With four divisions geared towards each individual’s age and experience level, you’re sure to find the classes most appropriate for you!
This division is open to individuals 19 years of age or older and would not be considered a professional according to the Official Handbook of the ApHC.
35 & Over Non-Pro:
This division is open to individuals who must be 35 years of age or older on January 1 of the year wishing to compete.
Masters Non-Pro:
This division is open to individuals who must be 50 years of age or older on January 1 of the year wishing to compete.

Novice Non-Pro:

This division is open to individuals who have earned less than 30 points in that class in the ApHC or any other breed organization as of January 1 of the year wishing to compete. Individuals may cross enter with the above classes so long as they are ApHC members and meet their division requirements

Who is Eligble to Participate as a Non-Pro?

  • A Non-Pro must be 19 years of age or older (or married and ineligible for the ApHC Youth Association program as of January 1 of the year showing).
  • Any horse exhibited by a non-pro in non-pro events must be wholly owned by the non-pro exhibitor or the non-pro’s spouse, child, step-child, legal ward, father, mother, step-parent, sister, brother, grandparent, grandchild or legal guardian.
  • Non-Pro’s must not accept remuneration (money, prizes, etc.) for riding, driving, showing in halter, schooling, training, conducting clinics or seminars, instructing in equitation or showmanship classes, horse training, or judging.
  • Non-Pro’s must not accept remuneration in the form of payment of entry fees, or any expenses for the person or horse with which the Non-Pro competes by any person other than those family members listed above.
  • Non-Pro’s must not ride, drive, or show any horse for which he/she or a family member accepts remuneration for boarding or training.
  • Non-Pro’s must have a current Non-Pro membership with the ApHC and must be a current ApHC member.

Non-Pro membership shall not be affected by the writing of books or articles pertaining to horses, accepting payment for stewarding, or having the occupation of veterinarian, farrier, or owning a tack shop, breeding or boarding stable.

Non-Pro Advisory Committee

The Non-Pro Advisory Committee is a specific group of individuals who have been selected to represent the wishes of Non-Pros to the ApHC Board of Directors. Each of the 18 members of the ApHC Board of Directors appoints a non-pro to serve on the non-pro advisory committee. This 18 member advisory committee meets twice annually at the National Show and at the World Show to discuss issues relevant to the non-pro program and to the ApHC. Members of the non-pro advisory committee then forward their suggestions to the ApHC Board of Directors. The ApHC Board of Directors also seeks input on the non-pro issues from the non-pro advisory committee when faced with making changes to current non-pro rules, policies, and classes.
To keep updated on local events and activities, keep your eyes open for new articles written by members of the Non-Pro Advisory Committee. Each issue of Appaloosa Journal will publish this information in the Field Notes section of the journal.
Click here to view the names and contact information of the members of the Non-Pro Advisory Committee. This list is also printed in the back of Appaloosa Journal each month. Feel free to contact them with your concerns, questions,

Non-Pro Shutterbugs!

The ApHC Show Department is always on the lookout for good quality candid photos of Non-Pros and their Appaloosas in various disciplines and environments. We need new pictures for promotional use on brochures, display boards, and the ApHC web site. If you have a photo that you think the ApHC can use, please send them to

Appaloosa Horse Club
ATTN: Non-Pro Coordinator
2720 West Pullman Rd
Moscow ID, 83843

Submitted photos should be clear and of the highest quality. Prints can be no smaller than 5×7 inches, although 8×10-inch is preferred. Photographer’s signed release form and other pertinent information must accompany the image. To avoid marring a photo, never write on either side of the print. All photos submitted will become the sole property of the Appaloosa Horse Club unless a self-addressed envelope and appropriate return postage is included.