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2022 International Judges Seminar

Feb 1-4, 2022 – Hyatt Regency Hotel Tulsa, Oklahoma –  918.582.9000

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2023 Judge Applicants

The following individuals have applied to the ApHC Judge Applicant Program.  Any ApHC member wishing to comment on applicants should do so by writing or emailing the Judges’ Department at 2720 W. Pullman Road, Moscow, ID 83843, or emailing, comments must include name, address and be signed and dated.

Brian Isbell-Garcia  – Atlanta, GA
Jodie Moore – Langley, BC Canada
Karla Kegley – Franksville, WI
Laurie Beall – Cleveland, OK
Margo Lea Ball – Fort Collins, CO
Pamela Whitfield – Rochester, MN
Pamela Wilson – Indianapolis, IN
Tim Abler – South Lyon, MI
Timothy Jedra – Lexington, KY
Susan Buckley – Abilene, KS

Judge Applicant Fact Sheet

The following is a detailed explanation of basic procedures to help the applicant become an approved Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) Judge. The completion of these requirements rest solely on the applicant and not on the ApHC. Communication between the applicant and the ApHC Judges’ Department is encouraged.
  1. ApHC membership: An applicant must be a current ApHC member in good standing at the time of submitting a judge’s application and be an active member in good standing one year prior to the applicant’s file being reviewed by the ApHC Judges’ Committee (JC).
  2. An applicant must be at least 25 years of age and not over 70 years of age.
  3. Applicant processing fee of $100 must be received with your judge’s application. No reference forms will be accepted for applicants who have not submitted their application and application fee. Any references received prior to the application and fee will be returned.
  4. Professional photograph of the applicant in judging attire is required. These photos will not be returned.
  5. Applicant’s name must begin appearing in the issue of Appaloosa Journal one month prior to review by the JC. Submission to the Journal will be done when the applicant processing fee and application are received in the ApHC office.
  6. (3) Judge References: An applicant must have three active ApHC carded judge references that have seen him/her judge. These references can include individuals the applicant has judged or has worked with while judging. Additional reference letters are encouraged. Additional forms will be provided upon request.
  7. (10) Show References: An applicant must have judged at least ten shows (with a minimum of 40 horses) in the last three years. Show reference forms are to be completed by the show managers or show secretaries who must include a show bill and an entry count to be included with the show reference forms. All references must be mailed directly to the ApHC by the reference and not by the judge applicant. Any forms received from the applicant will be returned. The ApHC reserves the right to verify some or all references. Additional forms will be provided upon request.
  8. Once your file is complete, it will be:
    • Reviewed by the JC. (In order to be reviewed by the committee in time to attend the next Judge Applicant School, files must be completed by no later than October 15.)
    • Applicants that have completed all their requirements and have been given favorable approval by the JC are required to attend the Judge Applicant School managed by the Color Breed Council (CBC). All information regarding date, time, location and fees for the school will be forwarded to you and can be found at The school is generally the last week of January each year. Failure to attend the school without just cause requires the applicant to reapply.
    • At the Judge Applicant School, applicants will be video tested, interviewed and evaluated by members of the JC and carded judges. A written, closed rulebook test will also be issued consisting of true/false and multiple choice questions. A minimum rulebook test score of 80% is required regardless of how you score on your video testing.
    • After successfully completing the Judge Applicant School with a score not lower than 87% OVERALL score, your file will be reviewed again by the JC.
  9. Temporary Status: Applicants that have passed the Judge Applicant School, and who do not currently hold a regular card with either AQHA or APHA may be given temporary judging status and allowed to judge ApHC-approved shows during which time they will be on probation until at least 3 shows have been judged where show management provides a written Show Management Report on the judges’ performance. After the three shows have been completed, the JC will then review the file of the temporarily carded judge and determine if a regular card is to be issued.
  10. If the applicant does not receive favorable approval to attend the Judge Applicant School, a two-year waiting period may be required before reapplying.
  11. Files not completed within two years from the time the application and application fee are received will be dismantled and the applicant will have to reapply.
Judges Application form(click here)
Please direct all applications or inquiries to:

Appaloosa Horse Club
c/o Judges’ Coordinator
2720 W Pullman Rd
Moscow, ID 83843
208-882-5578 x244