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The Appaloosa Horse Club Hall of Fame was established in 1986 to recognize the unique contributions and positive impact individual horses and people have made on the ApHC. Each year, the ApHC Board of Directors votes on nominations received from the ApHC membership to determine which horses and people will be inducted. Since 1986, the ApHC Hall of Fame has been expanded to include Racing and Trail, and now consists of over 200 inductees.
The ApHC Racing Hall of Fame, established in 1988, inducts one horse and one person each year. Nominees to the Racing Hall of Fame are voted on and approved by the Executive Race Committee. The first Trail Riders’ Hall of Fame induction was in 1999. Members of the Trail Riders’ Hall of Fame earn their inductions automatically after completing 50 ApHC-approved trail rides of 5 days or more.
Horses must be ApHC-registered and must be deceased by the nomination deadline to be eligible for nomination to the ApHC Hall of Fame and Racing Hall of Fame. However, ApHC-registered horses both living and deceased may be inducted into the ApHC Hall of Fame automatically if they achieve one of the following:
  • A stallion earning a bronze Supreme Sire Production Plaque by siring 40 different bronze medallion winners, or a silver Supreme Sire Production Plaque by siring 16 different silver medallion winners, or a gold Supreme Sire Production Plaque by siring 8 different gold medallion winners.
  • A mare earning a bronze Supreme Dam Production Plaque by producing 5 different bronze medallion winners, or a silver Supreme Production Plaque by producing 4 different silver medallion winners, or a gold Supreme Dam Production Plaque by producing 3 different gold medallion winners.
  • A gelding earning 14 bronze medallions, or 9 silver medallions, or 2 gold medallions.
  • Any horse earning a diamond medallion.
  • Any ApHC-registered sire or dam of a horse earning a diamond medallion.
The deadline to nominate a horse or person to the ApHC Hall of Fame is October 31st. Nominations received after this date will be considered for the following year.
Looking for your horse’s pedigree? You can obtain a piece of Appaloosa history by purchasing your horse’s official ApHC pedigree, including parentage, show history, race history, colors and coat patterns.

Hall of Fame Horses
Hall of Fame Racing Horses
Hall of Fame People
Hall of Fame Racing People
Hall of Fame Trail
2018 Lady of the Hunt Temons Tonka Eyesa Knockout R Ms Kitty C Almosta Blond Gay Bars Silver Ima Jo’s Doll She’s a Fancy Zippo Zipparific Cash Blues Major Tom Randi Yocum Gary Raak Terry Thompson Kin and Kay Pirtle
2017 Love a Diva Rock My Motion String of Storms Hayfork Creek Robert Dupret Shelley Knezevich Vicki Evenson
2016 The Secret She’s So Shy Way to My Heart Joyball Tubelo B.
2015 Zipposcountrygirl All Hands on Zip Texas Tough Death Wish One Hot Chip Granite Girl The Hooper Honker Jim Jirkovsky Roland “Pete” Wood Marvin Larson Kathleen Hoffman
  2014 Back To Black Honkin Hunter Kendelite N Roses Rock Solid HH RPlauditsCalicoCloud Wing It I Love Willie You R My Sunshine Connie Caines Richard McDonald Jerry Nunneley Tony Noguez
2013 Andrews Centerfold Dandy Zippo Post Haste Sure Nuff Fast The Dreamanator Geneo JJ R.C. “Bucky” Wheeler
2012 Albe Exclusive Bet Your Dream Hands Up Justa Figment Meter Maid Undercover Willie Jay Thompson Roland Haun
2011 Blazing Hot Spots I Love Willie Jokers Sleepy Ms Gunsmokes Doll Ms High Five Nellies Girl Royce Crosby Sylvia Haines Cheryl White
2010 Cim-Bad Dan Dee Doolin King Plaudit The Miracle Chip Shavano Perfect One Doug Schembri Hugh Williams Dr. Ed Allred Joy Corpolongo James Mike Howard Martha Howard Anne Mischel Robert Swick
2009 Maid’s Dream Bright Fancy Sergina The Hunter Viking Song Ward Fenton Victoria Ennis Karen Grimm Victoria Ennis Don Johnson James Mischel Bobbi Jo Spencer McCauley
2008 Always Dignified Bambi E Perfect Union Eddie Wood Gilbert Keck
2007 Perfect Intention Chicaro Bar Gill Cricket Bars Gold Strike’s Equal Joker’s Moneca Ledge Deck Mr. Parrot My Host Bright Vandy’s Vi Zero Hancock Iola Hatley Harold Calhoun Dr. Leffie Carlton Jr. Clarence “Court” Courtright Glade Draper Paul Gilbert Ralph Henley Harlan Norman Jake Snipes Charles Tanner Jr. Van Walker
2006 Chelsea Roma Classic Order Diamond Collection JB Persuader Main Issue Its Cash Legacy Ole Wilson Jack Junker Sherri Mell David Mackie
2005 Cimmarron Te Count Zip Designer’s Bardee Dynamite Day Gunsmoke Skeeter Ima Bright Jewel Leading Legend Night Vision Patchy Jr Recurring Dream Robbisox Total Lee WR’s Chip O’ Skip It’s Golden Girl Joe Richard
2004 Bourban Riker Deep South Dominos Eclipse Dude’s Bonanza Impress The Court Skip’s Reward Sudden Death Little Lady Oh Don Marshall George Minic Jimmie Miller Smith John Haid Jr. Judy Haas BusterLight Al Maxey
2003 R Magic Moment Daniel Lopez Henning & Suzanne Koch Lew and Jo Ann Eklund Jeannie Hullinger
2002 Navajo Britches Bill Cass Dean Alexander Dr. John Corpolongo Lee Warne Roger Klamfoth Richard “Dick” Mitchell
2001 Apache Double James J.E. Baker
2000 Bendi Charge Caliente’s Baldy Hayes’ Roman Cloud It’s Golden Girl Little Navajo Joe Night Deck Sir Wrangler Wego For Cash Some Kinda Easy Dennis Crist Elroy Zoglman Lyle & Donna Overton
1999 Perfect One Mr Spotted Bull O.J. Martins Henry “Red” Smith Jim Haas
1998 Merry Weedo Roman’s Straw Man Skip the Color We Go Charge Anna Clare Chesebrough Jack Hennig Orren Mixer Robert Hawkins Theresa Humason
1997 Bright Zip Christi Fury Double Or Nothin Impressive Andrew Starza’s Pine Roman’s It Girl Edith Stanger Hadley Campbell L.W. “Bill” Moore
1996 Booger Chief Dreamfinder Ima Doc O’lena Prince Shannon Red Eagle’s Peacock Rustler Bill SSP’s Misty Time Flies James H. (Jim) Wild Dr. John V White Jr.
1995 Dawndee Laura Boogi Brest Alyce Warren
1994 Goer J&B Big Red Blowing Easy Laura Richardson Jerry Lawley
1993 Sheza Good Sport The Executive Scooter Bug G Hank Weiscamp L.L. “Kandy” Anderson
1992 High Sign Miss Apache Spanish Viento Easy We Go Roy Young Ken Tapley
1991 Bright Chip We Go Easy Harry Reed Charles Russel David Nemelka L. K. Rutherford
1990 Bright Starlette Ipana Maid Lloyd Donley Don Heldoorn
1989 Cherry’s Leader Bull Nunneley Joe Warren Bill Jones
1988 Absarokee Sunset Bright Eyes Brother Chief Of Fourmile Colida Double Six Domino High Hand Joker B Mansfield’s Comanche Mighty Bright Peavy Bimbo Prince Plaudit Red Eagle Sundance 500 Top Hat H Wapiti Apache King S   J & B Spotted Fawn Rose Time War Don   WegoMelody What’s Up Ghost Wild Hope     Ben Johnson Bob Hankla Carl Miles Cecil Dobbin Dick Spencer Dick Stanger Don Imboden Dr. George Gayle Elvin Blevins Francis Johnson George Hatley James “J.E.” Baker   Lane Hudson Mavis Peavy R.L. “Bob” Peckinpah Shatka Bear-Step     Bill Hudlow Don Collins F.R. “Bob” Blair Gene Miles Joe King Lewis Wartchow Martin F. Abrahamsen William E. Robinson
1986 Apache Patchy Claude Thompson Dr. Francis Haines L. W. “Bill” Moore