Appaloosa Horse Club

2021 Membership Drawing Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of the 2021 ApHC Membership Drawing!
Winners were drawn randomly and have been notified via email. Prizes are being mailed out this week.

Stephanie Denton
Heather Tison-Nichols
Russell Portwood
Erwin Schindler
Michelle Spieth
Jessica Fale
Cecilia McGinley
Diane Legge
Patricia Bickel
Cliff Hagglund
Wendy Barr
Spencer Hansen
Kathy Johnston
Haylee Silver
Mike Baker
Heather Cole
Daylene Williams
Fawn Daby-Merrill
Gary Roberts
Anne Bates
Carmen Smith
Jan Phillips
Chelsea Beil
Eszter Juhasz
Cynthia Myers
Caitliana Otero
David Case
Cynthia Polley

Thank you to all who joined and renewed for 2021!
For any questions, please contact