Appaloosa Horse Club

A message from ApHC President Ken Johnson

BREAKING NEWS – The ApHC Board of Directors voted unanimously today to waive qualifying for the 2020 Appaloosa World Championship Show in Fort Worth, Texas, because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. We came at this decision the right way. We analyzed trends, gathered information, listened to our Members, debated it among ourselves, and resisted overtures to simply follow the lead of the AQHA and APHA. I made a promise to you several weeks ago that we would do the right thing – and we did. I’m proud to be a member of this Board, and I’m proud to be a member of “our” ApHC. Here’s some other good news coming out of today’s meeting.  As President, I also recommended a plan to help our Regional Clubs, which could be seriously disadvantaged, and even hurt financially, by the decision to waive qualifying. In a nutshell, the Board agreed to add an additional set of points to all ApHC-sanctioned shows. Here’s how it works: A 1-judge show will now be doubled-pointed.  A 3-judge show (where one judge is already doubled-pointed) will now have 2 double-pointed judges. And at a 4-judge show, 1 of the judges will be doubled-pointed. During our discussions, Leslie Foxvog expressed concerned about the possibility of some unfairness since 5 shows have already been held around the country.  She had a valid point.  So the approved motion (made by Kevin Griner and seconded by Karen Sartain) made my “Stimulus Plan,” as I called it, apply to every show held this year. The ApHC Show Staff (as it does for all shows), will now go back and randomly select an additional double-pointed judge through a computer system we use. Then additional points will be awarded accordingly to exhibitors at these 5 shows. I know it sounds a bit confusing, but in its essence, look at it this way: Every single show in 2020 (both those already held, as well as those yet to be held) will have another set of points rewarded to exhibitors. And guess what?  There’s even more good news. You will not have to pay national point fees on the additional judge. From my standpoint, I believed very passionately that if we waived qualifying, we had an absolute obligation to throw our Regional Clubs a lifeline. After a lengthy debate, the majority of the Board of Directors agreed with me. Today was a win-win for everyone. As always, thank you for supporting our ApHC and please stay safe.