Appaloosa Horse Club

Board of Directors Candidates

Candidate for Director in Territory I: Alison Phillips

I would like to ask the ApHC members of Territory I to consider me for the open director position.  I believe I possess the skills, leadership, and passion required to continue to support the Appaloosa Horse Club as we look to grow and promote the breed that we all love.  I have been serving Territory I as a director since a special election took place in December 2021 to fill a vacant position.  It is my hope to continue with service on the board and to serve an additional full term.  

I was fortunate enough to grow up with horses, with my first horse being an

Appaloosa mare.  I started showing as a youth in open shows, which expanded as I grew older and have had more opportunities to ride and work with trainers while living in the Twin Cities of MN.  I have ridden a lot of disciplines over the

years, including the pleasure all-around, games, and a few years in Pony Club.  In the past 5 years I’ve started riding the ranch classes and have expanded into boxing, working cow horse, and cutting.  I currently show in both the ApHC as well as the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA).

In my time in serving on the ApHC Board of Directors, I have been elected as Chair of the Planning and Review

Committee, Chair of the Regional Club Committee, as well as a member of the Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Judges Committee, Non-Pro, and International Committees.  It has been a learning experience to say the least!  Our biggest accomplishment to date (June 2022) has been working with the P&R Committee to develop a 3-5 year Strategic Plan for the ApHC.  We are still in the process of developing this, but I am confident we will present a plan to the board later this year with both long and short-term strategies and measurable goals.  

In addition to serving on the ApHC BOD, I’m currently in my third term as the Treasurer of the Wissota Appaloosa Horse Club. As part of the club, I’ve participated as the Show Manager, ran the show office, and helped organize clinics.  This has built a strong understanding of what it takes to maintain our Regional Club as well as building relationships with members in my territory.  I’ve also recently been elected as the Secretary/Treasurer for the Appaloosa Ranch Riding Horse Association Board, which is newly formed from the ApRHA.  I am excited to begin that term and continue to grow Appaloosas in ranch horse events.

Professionally, I have a background in Chemical Engineering and an MBA, which have loaned themselves well when it comes to organization, problem solving, and managing organizations through change.  I have spent the last ten years as a Project Manager for a large medical device company where I have led a variety of different programs, including launching new products, managing the organization through major regulatory changes, and implementing new technology platforms.  My role is to organize a global team around a common goal, ensure they have the appropriate support and resources, and empower them to drive to completion.  While challenging, I greatly enjoy what I do and the people I get to work with.

If you consider my background and love of Appaloosas, along with my professional experience of demonstrated leadership, managing change, and determining business needs in challenging circumstances, I am hoping you will see a person who will provide the Appaloosa Board of Directors with a strong and committed partner in representing Territory I.


Thank you for your consideration,

Alison Phillips 

Candidate for Director in Territory II: Dennis Dean

These are comments on Dennis from the Executive Secretary:

Dennis Dean is a long-term member of the Appaloosa Horse Club, Judge, and former President of the ApHC BOD. 


Dennis has expressed his excitement to return to the board to serve and help lead us towards the future. A veteran and specialist on process improvement, Dennis offers leadership and skills that will be valuable to our progress. Additionally, as an experienced horseman, judge and former BOD President, he will offer a great

perspective that honors the club’s past while looking to its future.


I look forward to working with Dennis and am excited about his future guidance! 

Candidate for Director in Territory III: Jordan Kelly

Jordan Kelly, a 34-year-old Iowa native, looks to join the ApHC Board of Directors, 11 years after selecting the Appaloosa Breed as his family’s breed of choice.

Jordan and his husband, Jeremy Gardemann, started Rockin Spots Appaloosas in

2011 and have successfully bred, raised, fit, and shown multiple horses to National and World Championships and multiple top placings at the Breeders Halter Futurity and esteemed Appaloosa Halter Futurity.

Jordan has previously served the Appaloosa Community on the Iowa Appaloosa Association Board of Directors and he is currently serving as a member of the Appaloosa Halter Futurity Executive Team.

No stranger to leadership, Jordan serves as the Program Manager of LifeGuard Air Ambulance, a medical helicopter based at UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s Hospital, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Jordan also serves as an advisory board member for multiple area colleges for emergency medical services programs. 

Jordan’s leadership philosophy is rooted in servant leadership, a philosophy well known for promoting service above self which has been demonstrated as he has pursued countless opportunities to support his air-medical team. Under his leadership, Jordan’s team received accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) within 10 months of his transition from full-time flight nurse to Program Manager.

His relentless focus on customer service, passion, and perseverance, and commitment to rapid cycle change management are just a few of the things Jordan believes that you will see as he joins the Appaloosa Horse Club

Board of Directors. In a recent social media post, he also notes, 

“You’ll also get the guy who stands behind me, my husband, Jeremy Gardemann, who is one of the funniest people I know and the most loyal supporter I could ever ask for. We’re a package deal, and he calms the storm when the going gets rough because family, blood or chosen, is what keeps us rooted         in what really matters…and I should probably also tell you, you get five of the best kids around. Some of you know our niece and four nephews by numbers (J1 through J5), but I think it’s been unanimous that they’re pretty great and have a love of their uncles and their Appaloosa horses alike. This is our Breed of Choice and you all are the people we choose to help raise them around.”

Jordan believes the future of our organization lies in youth like his niece and nephews and remains untapped in many others across the country. As he looks to join the board, he will bring a sense of urgency to capture the youth, instill the love of the Appaloosa breed within them, and retain them as lifelong members to pass down our organizations legacy year after year, generation after generation.

 Jordan welcomes members to contact him via email at or by phone at 319-404-1118

Candidate for Director in Territory IV: Dave Parlier

These are comments from the Executive Secretary on Dave. 

Dave Parlier is a currently standing board member, trainer, exhibitor, and judge. His passion for the Appaloosa Horse Club is unquestionable and has expressed his excitement for the future. 

Dave has been a member of the ApHC for nearly 40 years, sharing his love for horses and this club with others along the way. 


Dave currently lives in Gainesville, TX, where he runs his training business. 



Dave serves on the Race Committee, Judges Committee, Rules Committee, and is the Chair of the Show Committee. He looks forward to another 4 years of service on the ApHC Board. 

Candidate for Director in Territory V: Steve Bennett

For 35 plus years Steve has owned & operated a successful training facility located outside of Greensboro, NC. During that time, Steve has coached, trained & exhibited over 50 World & National Champion Appaloosa’s in several different disciplines. In 1982 Steve received an ApHC judges’ card and since then he has judged several of the major shows nationally & internationally. Shows like East Coast Halter Futurity, Reichert, Youth World Show, GEAR. Brazilian Nationals (2 times) and the Appaloosa World Championships (5 times) just to name a few. 

Six years ago, Steve retired from training and showing and is now focused on clinics and judging. Plus, he is the Vice President of the 2nd largest independent HVAC distributor in the country. 

I am seeking election to the Board of Directors, Territory V with several specific goals in mind. I have a real concern for our breed and look forward to making a positive difference for the members. There are several important issues facing the ApHC including rules, color, the prominence of the Appaloosa, promoting the Appaloosas’ versatility, in Endurance Riding, Trail, Sport Horses and Show Horses. We need to continue to support and market the Appaloosa. It is important to support the regional clubs, listen and respond to our membership. 

Serving on the Board is one way that I can give back to the Appaloosa breed and membership some of what our great breed has provided for me and my family. I look forward to working for you and welcome all of your questions and concerns. 

I am available to attend your regional club meetings. 

You can reach me 24 hours a day by email: 

Candidate for Director in Territory VI: Jim Hollis

I am excited to declare my candidacy for the 2022 ApHC Board
of Directors representing Territory VI. This is a great time for the Appaloosa
Horse Club; I look forward to using my skills, experience, and passion for the
industry to further the success of both the membership and the future of the

 I’ve been a member
of the ApHC for almost 20 years involving myself in many areas of the industry.
I’ve had a chance to breed, raise, and show several World and National

I’ve also met one-on-one with the membership as I organized
shows, futurities, and tack swaps. Most importantly, through my many endeavors
I’ve developed a FAMILY that shares one thing in common, the APPALOOSA.  

It’s time to step into another area of the organization to
use my background and talents and make a difference for the ApHC. My education
in Non-profit Management and Organizational Leadership will prove to be one of
my biggest assets, along with my drive for growth and communication with


Stay tuned as I continue to share my goals as a 2022
candidate for the ApHC Board of Directors.  
Please reach out if you have any thoughts as we all begin this journey together!

Candidate for Director in Territory VI: Raymond L Burchett

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of Territory VI for the trust and support that you have given me since becoming your National Director of the Appaloosa Horse Club. This breed and people mean a great deal to me, and I want nothing but the best for our breed and people. For you those that don’t know me I have been involved with the Appaloosa horse for 54 years. I have served on several boards for regional clubs from Michigan, Oklahoma and I am the current President of the Keystone Appaloosa Club. I was a horse trainer and farrier for 52 years and have my ApHC judges’ card for 42 years. I have recently retired from training and most showing but halter. 

I have the experience; from not only my time serving on the ApHC board; but also, from a regional standpoint as well. From showing, breeding, trail rides and judging. I have served on every committee except finance on the ApHC board, so I feel I am well rounded in the processes and procedures to help get things done in the club.

 If re-elected, I look forward to working with our new Executive Secretary and moving towards the future of our breed. I have always voted what I felt was the best for our territory and the ApHC. My voting record I believe shows that. I have no problems being a dissenting vote if I believe it is not best for the ApHC. 

My thoughts on some of our current issues: 

World Show Qualifications: I do feel that World Show Qualifications are necessary. I worry about what might happen to the regional clubs if World Show Qualifications are abolished. I believe the qualification system needs to be revised and revamped as it is not working very well as it stands currently. 

Office Inefficiency: I understand that this is an issue for a lot of members. I know that the office is understaffed and is hopeful that the new Executive Secretary can resolve of lot of the staffing issues. 

Registrations: I understand that registrations for 2021 were up. While the numbers are still not great, it is a move in the right direction. I believe that if many of the programs were revamped, registrations may rise with those changes. 

I can be reached by email or by phone. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me any time. My email is and my cell phone is 717-648-5048. 

I look forward to serving you again as your Territory VI Director. 

Sincerely Ray Burchett 

75th Year Nationals and Youth World Show Flyer for 2023