Appaloosa Horse Club

New! Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada (ApHCC)-registered horses are now an approved outcross

MOSCOW, IDAHO – The Appaloosa Horse Club would like to announce the Board of Directors approval to bring back Appaloosa horses registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada (ApHCC) once again as an approved outcross.

The ApHC will now be able to consider for registration an Appaloosa horse with an ApHCC-registered Appaloosa parent provided the other parent is registered with the ApHC with Regular (#) classification and the applicant can meet all other registration requirements, including filing sire, dam and foal DNA, filing late Stallion Breeding Reports, recorded owner(s) signatures, etc. Refer to the ApHC Bloodline rules for breeding requirements for registration with the ApHC.

This approval goes into effect now under Rule 70 from the ApHC Official Handbook, and will be added to the ApHC 2021 Official Handbook as, Rule 204.A.2.d “Appaloosa horses registered with Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada (ApHCC), Canada.” Other ApHC-approved breed associations for outcross include American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), Arabian Horse Association (AHA), and The Jockey Club (Thoroughbred).

For all rules and regulations of the ApHC, please contact the Registration Department at (208) 882-5578 ext. 300 or visit the ApHC website at