Appaloosa Horse Club

Things to check on an Official ApHC Certificate of Registration

Do you know what to look for on an Official ApHC Certificate of Registration? It’s more than just a pretty piece of paper!

Every registration certified by the Appaloosa Horse Club will include specific descriptions, be uniform in format, and display photographs of the registered horse on the back of the certificate. See the image above to see details on important items to check!

It has come to the attention of the Appaloosa Horse Club office that there are fraudulent ApHC registration papers circulating on the Internet and perhaps being used at shows. Click here to view a specific forgery of which ApHC has been made aware. If you are presented with any set of papers that have problems, please report them, the person who presented them, and any other details to the ApHC.

Registration is such an important part of preserving the integrity of the Appaloosa breed. Thank you for helping us continue to do so!